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By | December 2, 2016

8 Ways Winter Can Cause Havoc With Our Cars

As the winter gets well under way and household preparations begin for the colder weather, we often forget about the importance of looking after our car.

But there’s nothing worse than sitting in the ice-cold snow knowing the traffic will be mental and not being able to get the car to start.

Even worse is getting through the harsh weather to find the hailstones, grit, heavy snow, winds and rain have played havoc with the paintwork.

One way to be sure of protecting your car this winter is to book a protective winter car valet with F1Provalet, experts in protecting your car from the harsh winter conditions.

But, protecting the outside of your car with a winter car valet isn’t all you should be doing.  Check out our top 8 ways winter can cause havoc with our cars:

  1. Road Grit

Not only can the road grit bounce from the road and chip away or wear away paintwork but the salt itself can corrode unprotected paintwork, leaving you with quite a patch up job as the warmer months arrive.  This salt and grime can also damage things such as alloy wheels.

  1. Dreaded Dirt

It might sound obvious but with ice slush, snow, winds and rain your car will take a right beating from the elements this winter.  As a result, if left, it can be harder to remove.  This dirt can actually increase the risk of accident on the road because it can cause reduced visibility through windows as well as dimming the lights and in some cases rendering them practically useless.

  1. Keep The Spark

It’s always a good idea to give your spark plugs a good clean and a check throughout the winter months.  With the temperatures getting colder it’s going to be harder for a spark plug operating below par to start the car.  Things such as a damaged plug, corroded wires and faulty connections are all things to look out for.

  1. Be Kind To Your Battery

There are plenty of places that will give you a free battery test.  And there’s nothing stopping you getting it checked out.  Keeping your car inside a garage in the winter months can help to reduce the chances of your battery ending up dead in the morning but if you don’t have that option just keeping on top of your battery health and starting your car at least once a day should help to keep it in top nick.

  1. Test Your Tyres

Some cars may have a separate set of tyres for the winter and this isn’t a bad idea if it’s something you can do.  In most all-season tyres the rubber compound can harden when the temperature drops.  This can cause them to lose grip.  However, changing to winter tyres means they will stay soft and your grip to the road will be better.

The cold can also play havoc with your tyre pressure in the winter.  It’s important to check the inflation as you see the temperature dropping to prevent further damage.

  1. Go For A Longer Drive

In the winter we’re more likely to want to get our journeys over and done with as quickly as possible.  The problem with this is that your car may never warm up enough to burn off accumulated water vapour leaving a sludgy substance at the end of your dipstick. So, it’s a good idea to try and do a couple of long journeys or bunch your trips together to keep the car running at optimum performance.

  1. Check The Oils & Fluids

Make sure you more regularly check your car’s fluids.  Everything from brake and transmission fluids to oil, antifreeze and power steering.  The colder weather can make fluids thicken making it harder for your car to access and use them.  The longer journeys described above can help keep your fluids at a good consistency.

  1. Look After The Wipers

It’s so tempting to get into the car, pop the radio and the heating on and just sit about waiting for your wipers to get rid of the layer of ice left the night before.  But, you could be doing your car more damage than you think.  It’s important to clear the ice before your turn your wipers on as a lot of problems are created by making the wipers do all the work such as blades getting torn, transmissions break and more.

How F1Provalet Winter Car Valet can help.

So, whatever you do this winter – Don’t take your car for granted, give it the same care and attention you give your home and yourself to protect from the harsh weather conditions.

One great way to help protect your car is to treat it with an F1Provalet exterior valet, which will not only protect your car, but also make it easier to clean.

Andy from F1Provalet explained: “With winter on its way now is a good time to protect your car from the worst of the weather.  It’s important to keep your vehicles bodywork protected from the snow, ice and harmful road salt during the harsh winter weather.  Treat your car to our winter car valet.

“Cold temperatures can cause rubber seals and tyres to become dry and stiff. Road salt can be very harmful to the paint work, wheels, trim and wiper blades.

“With a protection winter car valet your car will not only remain protected throughout the harsh winter months, but will also look great too.”

The F1Provalet winter protection includes:- Pre-wash to loosen dirt. Wash with a quality ph balanced shampoo. Clay bar treatment to remove bonded contaminates. Tar spots removed from paintwork. Clean all door shuts. All door seals protected against frost. Alloy wheels cleaned and sealant applied. Wheel arches cleaned Tyres cleaned and dressed. Polish exterior glass. Rain repellent applied to all glass and headlights. Prewax cleaner applied. Long lasting sealant applied to paintwork giving 12 months protection and screen wash topped up.


For more information contact Andy on 07818844113 or book online.

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